New Project: Milkman’s Workbench

Not long ago I blogged about the backlog of projects I had in my workshop.  I decided to ‘just do it’ to steal a slogan.  My solution – of course – to start a New project.  I got out some 8/4 cherry I had randomly added on to a wood order a while back and started to lay out the pieces for a Milkman’s Workbench.  I don’t drink a lot of milk (nor deliver it) but I guess the current title sounds better than a ‘half-dead old Soldier’s workbench’.

Why did I pick this particular project.  I was reminded of it when I was virtually thumbing through some old Popular Woodworking magazines.  My biggest challenge thus far in my woodworking journey has been work holding.  I’ve managed to kludge together solutions ranging from a workmate to a Moxon style vise.  I’ve employed my commercial workbench thus far but I’ve been hesitant to drill holes into it.  I want to return it to it’s original general garage/auto purpose without looking like Swiss cheese.

And thus enters my newest project.  A bench I can clamp onto my other bench and have all the luxuries (I hope) of a ‘real’ bench.

Here’s a Link to Christopher Schwarz’ blog entry about it…


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